Visitors Galore!!

  It has been the busiest 2 weeks (in the best way possible)! I have been so fortunate to have friends and family visit over the past few weeks. Friends from Holy Cross visited the first week of March and my mom was here last week! 

  I was able to visit the Cliffs of Moher again with my friends, which was especially great because the first time I went it was so foggy that I could not see anything. Despite it being a long bus tour, the views were spectacular and so worth it. Another fun part of the week was watching some of my friends jump off of the Blackrock diving board in Salthill, which is supposedly a “must-do” for anyone who visits Galway. It was 40 degrees and raining the day we went, so I did not partake, but I did promise my roommates I would accompany them at the end of April (we will see if I fulfill that promise). It was so nice to catch up with my friends and show them some of my favorite spots in my temporary home. Even though I had not seen most of them since December, it felt like no time had passed and made me very excited to spend my summer with them.

  The fun and excitement continued when my mom arrived. I barely slept the night before because I simply could not wait for her to get here. The best part of the four days that she was here was the weather! It has been especially rainy recently, but my mom brought the sun and the warmth which was amazing. We explored so many new restaurants, including a very picturesque rooftop spot and a yummy restaurant in Salthill. 

  The best part of spending time with her however, was the Galway City Saint Patrick’s Day parade! I can now check “spending Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland” off my bucket list which definitely did not disappoint. Everyone was decked out in green and the streets were filled with people of all ages, making it a moment I will never forget. 

  While seeing family and friends did make me miss home a bit, I am so happy I got to share my current world with them and I know I will see them all before I know it!


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