Weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland

  I know that I keep saying this, but Edinburgh may be my favorite place that I have traveled to! This is such a good problem to have: liking the places that I travel to more and more every time.

We spent less than 48 hours in the city of Edinburgh, but this still felt like enough time. My favorite thing that we did was walk along the Royal Mile because it really gave me a sense of Old Town. The views of Old Town were spectacular and it was even cooler because our hostel was situated just outside of Old Town, giving us a more modern perspective of the city, along the backdrop of the archaic town.

I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy the food was on this trip. I was not necessarily expecting the food to be bad, but I just was not expecting the unlimited options of restaurants, within walking distance from the hostel. One night we went to this hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant and the other night we had a big group dinner at an Italian restaurant, which was so fun. The best food we ate though was at brunch on Friday. I had creme brûlée French toast and am still thinking about it! We may not have indulged in traditional, Scottish cuisine, but the meals were still as delicious as ever, nonetheless.

After Edinburgh, I will be in Ireland for the next month or so, seeing as I have family and friends coming to visit. There are more updates to come from my home-base soon, but that is all for now!!

HC girls at the castle!
Scene from the iconic Victoria Street
Old Town!
Yummy breakfast!

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