Week 1: Trip to Belfast

  Hello, Holy Cross Community! My name is Lily Smith and I am so excited to be studying abroad this semester, as well as taking you all along on my journey. I am studying in Galway, Ireland, attending the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). I have been here for almost two weeks and already feel quite acclimated to the city. Galway is a bustling town that is still able to maintain the quintessential, scenic views of Ireland. I have enjoyed exploring it so much and cannot wait to discover even more about the city!

  This past weekend, we took our first trip outside of Galway. We went up to Northern Ireland, where we were able to explore the city of Belfast, while also fitting in some sightseeing of the rest of Northern Ireland.

  We visited the town of Carrickfergus, where we saw a beautiful castle. The best part of this trip was the weather! The stereotype of Ireland as “always raining” is no joke, so I was elated to see the sun. After Carrickfergus, we made our way up the coast to Giant’s Causeway, which is an area of large rocks and cliffs right along the water. The view was spectacular and something that I will always remember. Belfast was a great first trip and makes me want to travel around Ireland, as well as Europe in its entirety. That is all for now!

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