1/27/23-1/29/23: Weekend in London

  I have been so busy attending classes and traveling across Europe that I am just blogging now about my trip to London at the end of January! The trip began with a 3-hour bus ride (in the middle of the night) to Dublin, where I took a RyanAir flight to Dublin. Traveling at three o’clock in the morning is certainly not my favorite thing to do, but it is optimal in order to fit in all of the sightseeing that we want to do in just two days. 

  I was very surprised at how some parts of London are extremely modern, yet there are other parts where the buildings look straight out of the seventeenth century. Being able to see buildings like this right next to each other was fascinating, making me compare the city to Boston, seeing as the dichotomy between modern and old-fashioned is very present there as well.

  My favorite part of London was the Tower Bridge! We were able to walk across it at night and see it all lit up which was beautiful. I am also so happy that I got to run into some Holy Cross friends at Big Ben. As much as I am having so much fun bopping around Europe, I do often find myself missing home, so seeing familiar faces always eases any angst that I am feeling. 

  Next, I will post updates about my trip to Paris last weekend, which exceeded any and all expectations I had!

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