Settling into My New “Home”

  I can’t believe I have almost been in Galway for a month! I really feel myself settling in and falling in love with the routine I have established here. 

  A few of my favorite activities to do, when I am not going to class are: taking walks into town and admiring the River Corrib, exploring new coffee shops that satisfy my constant craving for iced coffee (my new favorite spot is “Bubble and Bee”) and on the nights that it is not freezing cold, enjoying a sweet treat with one of my roommates, Liv. We quickly have become big fans of Murphy’s ice cream, specifically the salted caramel flavor. I have come to realize that appreciating the little things during my time in Galway has become very important to me; whether that is a pretty view or an ice cream cone with a friend. I want to make the most of my time here and these have been some of the ways that I have been doing that. I will check back in soon!


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